Embracing Autumn-By Weiwei Ji

Personally, I don’t like summer. It is so hot that I wish every road, street and corner could be installed with air conditioner just like all the buildings. While I told my friend this, she teased me that my wish will be true in 2030, and all of us are going to be fishes in the aquarium. Well, cannot imagine that, it sounds terrible, I do not want to be fish relying on the water only. I still want to go out and enjoy the nature.

Gratefully, the summer this year is ending and the autumn is coming soon. We have a special event for autumn in China- Mid Autumn Festival. It is a traditional festival that falls on August 15 of the lunar calendar. The Mid-Autumn Festival brings special cakes called moon cakes, pomeloes, and most importantly, family reunion dinners. Members who cannot return home connect by looking at the moon, sending messages, or making phone calls. The legend about the moon has different versions. One of the popular versions is about a mythological Chinese archer named Hou Yi, who shot down all but one of the suns when there were 10 suns. People worshipped him as he saved them from a terrible drought plagued the earth at that time. However, Hou Yi wanted to look for an elixir of life and live an eternal life with his fame and his wife Chang’e. To find a recipe for the Pill of Immortality, he even tried to take 100 adolescent boys’ lives to grind them into powder. His wife Chang’e secretly swallowed some of his pills, and suddenly her body became light as air. She flew to the moon, grabbing a rabbit to keep her company. From then on, she becomes the Moon Goddess of Immortality. Every time Chinese people look at the moon in the night of Mid-Autumn Festival, they will recall this popular legend.

As autumn is around the corner, instead of being kept inside of the air-conditioned rooms, I need wonderful traveling plans for the best season and make use of the nice weather. In the time when green grass begins to turn yellow, the swallows begin to fly to the warmer places in groups, I will also enjoy my life. If you want to have a good time in this autumn as well, try to find some useful information through our website of Autumn Promotion Special Coverage.

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