Disney Station of Shanghai Metro in Operation

With the coming of Shanghai Disneyland on June 16, the mating transportation method of metro line is also in operation. Shanghai Metro recently announced that from 10 AM of April 26, the Disney Station of Metro Line 11 is to be ready. That will witness the overall operation of Metro Line 11.


But it is noted that Disneyland is not open to public. Visitors still have to wait until June 16 to enter the new Disneyland Resort. Disney Station is the terminus station of Metro Line 11. It was completed on Dec 19, 2015. But with the construction progress of Shanghai International Tourism Resort, only two stations of Xiuyan Road and Kangxin Highway are in operation.


After Disney Station is in operation, the first train will start from 6 AM, and last train at 10:30 PM towards North Jiading, 10:25 PM towards Anting, 10 PM towards Huaqiao. This is to match the opening of Shanghai Disneyland. Usually the train towards suburbs closes at 10 PM.


The durations along the whole journey from North Jiading and Huaqiao to Disney Station are 1.5 hours and 1 hour and 50 minutes.


When the overall operation of Metro Line 11 is adopted, the highest price will be 10 RMB (from Huaqiao to Disney).

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Recommended Destinations in May

With the coming of May, the temperature of most parts of China has reached warm level. The best season to visit China is coming. If you have any plans to travel in China, you better grasp the right time. Whether to climb the mountains or tour the cities, May will be a great time neither too hot nor too cold. Here, we recommend some destinations in China for your references.

No.1 Guilin

Guilin is a place very well-known in the world. Many expats know a little about this city because of its natural sceneries. Guilin is located in southwest China thus the temperature in May is already very high. With the famous Karst landform, Guilin is a destination with beautiful water and unique hills.


No.2 Datong

Datong is a city of Shanxi province near Beijing. It is a city of long history. Yungang Grottoes is the symbol of the city. As one of the four grottoes in China, it was enlisted into World Heritages. The carving of grottoes dates back to 1600 years ago and it is precious remains of Buddhism culture.


No.3 Hangzhou

Hangzhou is known as “Heaven on Earth”. With two world cultural heritages, Hangzhou is seen as a popular destination in spring. To ride a bike around West Lake is very wise choice. Besides, another world cultural heritage Grand Canal is also worth visiting.


No.4 Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia is a long and narrow province lying on the north range of China. Through May to September, it is the best season to visit the grassland. Inner Mongolia is just the home of vast grasslands. You will experience the wonderful fresh green colors.


No.5 Dali

Dali is located in Yunnan province, the most southwest area of China. With a long history, Dali is seen as the culture birthplace of Yunnan. The famous Erhai Lake is seen as the symbol of Dali together with the Three Pagodas.


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Global Tourists’ Favorite Chinese Cities

According to a survey recently, a list of 20 cities all over the world were chosen as global tourist’s favorite cities. Among them, 5 cities are in China. China is becoming more and more attractive to visitors from other countries. These years, China has been simplifying the visa procedures for foreign citizens. US citizens have been able to obtain a ten-year valid Chinese visa. A new 144 hours visa free policy is also in operation in Shanghai and surrounding provinces.

The statistics may indicate the popularity among the tourists towards China. When you visit China, which city will you choose and where do you plan to go?

No. 1 Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. Due to the convenient location and transportation, Hong Kong has attracted tourists from all over the world. Moreover, Hong Kong gives visa free treatment to many nationalities especially visitors from developed countries. They can fly to Hong Kong without applying for a Chinese visa in advance.


No.2 Macau

Macau has the same position as Hong Kong but it is much smaller. As a world renowned gambling center, Macau also enjoys much popularity. As a once colony of Portugal, many architecture of European styles remain in Macau. Another highlight is that Macau owns many luxurious hotels and resorts which also fit the gambling industries.


No.3 Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a modern city close to Hong Kong. As a very young and energetic city, it not only occupies one of the four first-tier cities in China, Shenzhen also boosts developed tourism industries.


No. 4 Guangzhou

Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong province, is the largest city in south China. With a large population, Guangzhou holds many large conventions every year. Canton Fair, seen as the symbol of the city, is the largest import and export conference.


No. 5 Shanghai

The largest city in China, Shanghai is the most international city of the country. Besides the metropolitan landscape, Shanghai still keeps its ancient side. The water towns in the suburb area of Shanghai look like shining pearls surrounding the large city. With the launch of Shanghai Disneyland in 2016, Shanghai will embrace a quicker development of tourism industries.


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